Why Sales Fleet?

People don’t buy products, they buy people.

Sales Fleet works together with your brand and your company to expect more from face to face marketing.

Sales Fleet has an independent management team that is empowered to drive the strategic and tactical direction of the business.

Our engagements with our clients are managed by dedicated project manager, who is a single point of accountability, within our business for sales, compliance and operational performance.

Direct sales

We will run campaign directly selling your products and services to potential customers.

Personalized Marketing

We offer personalized services, ensuring you achieve maximum results for your campaign.

Brand Awareness

We will help to increase your brand awareness and convert followers into active customers.

Lead Generation

We aim to deliver quality leads in order to increase your sales performance.

Leave the hard work to us

Sales Fleet takes the hard work out of engaging and managing sales and marketing specialist. We understand the importance of offering staffing solutions to suit your project needs. When engaging Sales Fleet you can be sure that our staff are fully committed, reliable and appropriately trained.

We deliver a quality service on-time

Sales Fleet has gained a reputation in sales and marketing industry for delivering target on-time following compliant sales process. Team focus is to work in partnership with clients to achieve sales target.

About Us

Sales Fleet is an outsourced field marketing company that represents various range of clients.

Our Services

 We provide field sales, retail sales and lead generation services across Australia. We have a proven track record of building sales teams across these disciplines.

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